What were YOU doing 10 years ago today?  It was May 6th, 2004, when almost the entire country was abuzz with anticipation of what would happen as it all ended, planning what we'd bring to our goodbye parties for Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe. It's weird how some moments in life you remember almost perfectly.  And I do for this.  I remember looking for a random apartment of a friend of a friend, and then having to leave to go get something (although I forget what.)  And while I don't remember every detail of that final episode, I do remember being mostly satisfied with the ending, unlike LOST, Seinfeld...

Of course, we're not the only one's reminiscing.  So we'll save you some time, and give you the 10 best sites to feed all that "10 years since Friends" need today!  (We've skipped the obligatory "10 best episodes" cause really, weren't they all great?)


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    10 Things You Might Not Know About The Friends Finale

    We found this to be a main "go-to" today, and pretty fascinating.  Did you know the cast all received a "Yearbook" from the crew, but did you also know they all received a piece of a famous sidewalk?  Did you also know the finale was NOT the most watched episode?


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    How the Series Almost Ended

    We already mentioned how content we were with the finale, BUT, that was almost NOT the case.  Entertainment Weekly got together with the show's creators a couple years ago to get the shocking details.

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    Where Would the "Friends" Be Now?

    Great speculation from Huffington Post U.K. as to what our favorite characters would be up to today.  Fun read!

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    Flashback: Rolling Stone Cover Features "Friends"

    After just over a season, the world couldn't get enough of these 6 Friends, and Rolling Stone was on it, with this flashback to their 1995 cover story.

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    Top Friends Moments You May Never Have Seen

    If you have the DVDs, chances are you've caught some of these.  However, who doesn't love checking out the footage left on "the cutting room floor"?

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    Top 10 Friends Minor Characters

    We all have our favorite "Friend", but who were our favorite supporting characters?  Janice, Gunther, Mr. Heckles...

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    Where Are The Minors Now?

    So we've talked about out favorite Minor characters, but what are they up to?

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    What the Creators Think 10 Years Later

    Entertainment Weekly got together with the show creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane to take a look back, and of course, had to answer the reunion show question...

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    What ELSE was tops on TV 10 years ago?

    Ya know, Friends wasn't the only thing on the air 10 years ago.  Here's a trip down memory lane of other shows you might recall (just not loved as much).

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    The Cast of Friends: Then & Now

    Although most of em are still in some sort of spotlight, this list would be incomplete without the traditional "Then & Now" thanks to Access Hollywood.

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