Valpak wants you to open their monthly envelopes. I mean they REALLY do. SO much so that they're now including $100 checks in some of their coupon-filled envelopes.

Each month for the remainder of 2018, Valpak is putting in random $100 checks that are written out to "Cash." You don't have to provide any personal information. Just cash and spend.

Depending on where you live in Iowa, you may be wondering why you've never seen one of these blue envelopes. Valpak only has two markets they service in Iowa... Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. However, they're including checks in all of their 148 other markets around the country.

Bob James

So why do this? As I said earlier, Valpak REALLY wants you to open their envelopes, because, well, do you? Lia Jensen, West Michigan ValPak owner, tells Fox 17 that about 36 checks were delivered to customers in Grand Rapids, Michigan last year. Of those, eight were cashed.

Do you open yours? If not, will you start?