Last year was the hottest on Earth as far back as data goes. In Cedar Rapids, it was actually a very cool year.The National Climatic Data Center's data goes back to 1880 and last year's average temperatures broke the previous record by 0.07 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since last year set a record, it's not shocking that December was one of the hottest on record. It was actually the third-hottest December of the past 135 years with an average temperature 2.45 degrees above the norm.

Cedar Rapids certainly didn't feel the effects of a hot summer, but our December was abnormally warm. How much? The average December high in Cedar Rapids was 35.4 degrees, 3.6 above the normal (31.8). Our average low temperatures last month was 22.7, 7.9 degrees above normal (14.8). Interestingly enough, the only other month that had above normal high temperatures was May and it was less than 1-degree above normal.

The hottest year on record around the world, but a cool one in Cedar Rapids. Considering our warmest month was December, we're a lucky group of Iowans.