Tomato harvest season in Iowa is nearing its end. That means, if you're a gardener you're going to have lots of them to use up in the near future. You may already have plans for them, but if you're looking for ideas, here are a few.

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    Make Pizza

    It's getting cooler, and you'll feel better about heating up the oven to cook. Homemade pizza is always a delicious dish, and fun to make together as a family. Chop or dice up some of those tomatoes--or onions, green peppers or mushrooms, and throw 'em on top.

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    Definitely a go-to food this time of year for most people, and no good chili recipe is complete without tomatoes. Share yours with us.

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    Make your own salsa!

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    Give them Away

    Share the fruits of your labor all summer with friends, neighbors and co-workers who can use them for their own recipes.

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    None of the above can happen if you don't have the tomatoes preserved and saved in the first place. Canning is a popular trend, which takes a little bit of work but it's worth it not to waste the work you've already done.

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