Not only is bacon delicious, but it has many uses other than just being food for your belly. Check out the list below to see some of the weird uses for bacon.

  • 1

    Bacon Lampshade

    Thinking about redecorating for Fall? Well forget about the corn wreaths and put something up that's good for all seasons -- A bacon lampshade! I mean if you're going to own a lamp, it should probably be a bacon lamp right? All you need is a frame from an old lampshade. Wrap each end of the bacon to each of the frame's rings and tie or staple it on. Next, just bake it in the oven to harden the bacon and viola!

  • 2

    Bacon Candle

    Nothing sets the mood more than the sensual smell of bacon. And there's no better way to do this than to make your own savory bacon candle! Just save your leftover bacon grease in a small glass container and put it in the fridge to harden. Once hard, drill a hole in the middle and put a wick in it. This is perfect for a romantic night in.

  • 3

    Removing Splinters

    It is said that the cure for removing splinters and small shards of glass from your appendages is bacon. Put a bacon strip or bacon grease with a little salt on the splinter, wrap it up, and keep it on overnight. The next morning your pesky puncture should be gone! Try it for yourself.

  • 4

    Bacon Roses

    Looking for something romantic to do for your significant other? Bacon roses are the way to go. Forget about real roses that sit in a vase on your table for three weeks before they eventually die off. Get your guy or gal something that surely won't go to waste.

  • 5

    Bacon Soap

    If you're a hard core bacon lover, then you're really going to love this next use for bacon. You can now smell like your favorite treat with bacon soap! Who wants to smell like cucumbers and melons anyways?