Hip-hop is celebrated in every form and fashion. From clothing to movies and music, hip-hop has made a splash in some unique ways and as of late, the genre has been celebrated in the field of bakery.

Just recently, Florida rapper Plies took to his Instagram account to show off a custom made cake one of his followers created. The funny and outlandish cake decorated with a plug and man running represents Plies latest smash hit, “Ritz Carlton,” which features the quote of the moment, ‘Ran Off da Plug Twice.’ While Plies’ cake has received mad love since he posted it on his IG, it’s not the first cake created themed after a hip-hop reference or artist. In the past, there have been several bakers who have created cakes with the face of their favorite hip-hop acts like the legendary 2Pac, Lil Wayne, Wu-Tang Clan, Rick Ross and more. Even rappers tend to celebrate their birthdays with a cake themed around their favorite pair of sneakers or music albums.

While hip-hop themed cakes is not a new thing, the fact that there's cakes paying homage to the genre and its artists, showcases the popularity and influence of hip-hop in the mainstream. Today, XXL looks back at some of the most prolific hip-hop themed cakes that have received loveonlibne as well as by professional bakers in the culinary industry.