Call a sitter... you've got a date to attend a Frat House party this weekend, thanks to Universal Picture's new flick, "Neighbors" which opens this weekend.  It stars a very chiseled Zac Efron, as well as the expected hysterics of Seth Rogen, as they provide more than enough memorable moments to make you want to see it again and again and again!If you were to take the classic Animal House, add in Revenge of the Nerds, then add just a touch of your basic romantic comedy, you get "Neighbors".


The basic premise is a Frat House moves into the suburbs, right next to a new parents coping with the reality that with baby comes a complete life change.  For anyone who's been there, I can attest it's pretty easy to relate to Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly's (Rose Byrne) new reality.  So what happens when you're worried about being good parents, protecting your baby, and getting a good night's sleep when a loud frat house moves next door, especially when you're deep down "missing the party" of pre-baby days.  And they go through many easy to relate to circumstances, like how to find intimacy after baby comes, and breastfeeding after a night of drinking.  Add the Seth Rogen humor to enhance these situations, and you've got plenty of memorable moments.

As for the Frat House side, who's just trying to party it up and live out their college dream, you can expect plenty of typical frat house hyjinx and pranks, as they look for ways to throw the ultimate party, to pay off hefty debts, and to get back at the neighbors who called the cops on em.  Plus, the ladies won't be able to get enough of plenty of shots of shirtless and buff Zac Efron, or Dave Franco (who is James Franco's lesser insane brother btw).

I for one am not the greatest fan of full on raunch comedies, and while this dealt out plenty, it didn't go too far, as many have.  Also, I honestly expected more nudity, and while it was there, it certainly wasn't over-indulged just for the sake of nudity.  As for the drug references, well, it's Seth Rogen... a frat house...  'nuff said.

After the Advanced Screening last night, based off the numerous outbursts of laughter and "awwwws" anytime the adorable baby Stella was on screen, this is an amazing movie we'd absolutely recommend and give 4.5 out of 5 stars to.

The only complaint, at one point, they add a little too much morality into the story surrounding Zac Efron's character.  And while it fit, it wasn't needed.  Sometimes you should just let a comedy be a comedy.

Our next advance screening is May 27th for the upcoming Seth MacFarlane film.

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