So Halloween is coming up, and having worked for a video store previously, I know there's going to be a lot of horror movies being watched over the next couple weeks leading up to it.  So why not catch a bunch of em, for free, at one of Cedar Rapids nicest, newest facilities:  The Whipple Auditorium at the Cedar Rapids Public Library.

For me, the Halloween tradition, pre-kids at least, was to cuddle on the couch to a horror movie, and jump a mile every time the door bell rings with trick-or-treaters.  Now that I'm walking the neighborhood with the kids, that doesn't happen.  So I really like this new alternative.  Starting Thursday, October 9th, the Library honors the Golden Age of Hollywood Horror: the classic Universal Monsters.  There'll be one showing a week over the course of 4 weeks, starting at 7pm.  Sure, it's not the bloody slasher or zombie flicks of more recent flair, but you can't miss the chance to honor the classics that made it all possible.

“Our hope is that we can bring the community together for an entertaining trip back in time, to learn a little about the films and see them in their entirety, and to come away with an appreciation for the classic films that were so scary for their time.”  ~Amber Mussman, Community Relations Manager at the Cedar Rapids Public Library.

The films to be shown include:
October 9: The Mummy (directed by Karl Freund - 1932)
October 16: The Invisible Man (directed by James Whale - 1933)
October 23: The Black Cat (directed by Edgar G. Ulmer - 1934)
October 30: The Bride of Frankenstein (directed by James Whale - 1935)

For more information on this and the Cedar Rapids Public Library, visit or call 319.261.READ.