Caught Playtime Poppy's "Disney's Cinderella Kids" at Kennedy High School tonight, and I gotta give mad props and 2 thumbs up, although I'm a bit frustrated. Love children's theater. It's always over the top, and this production gave it everything.  Not only did it look amazing with great use of beautiful scenery on a projected backdrop, it also had over the top comedy.  Gotta hand it to Rizwan Sidhu as the Duke, and the four Town Criers, Adam Walker, Bryant Jasper, Josh Beck, and Cameron Currie, for their comedic chops.  If we weren't smiling or laughing when they were on, you must have been sleeping.  And those criers also had some nice dance moves!  Was also very pleased to see an elaborate carriage being used.  Wasn't expecting that.



But the real show stealer was in the star herself, Kari Dummermuth as Cinderella.  From the moment she started singing "A Dream is Wish Your Heart Makes", my jaw hit the floor.  She's got amazing vocal talents, and that's what left me frustrated.  I wanted to hear more, and unfortunately, there weren't too many other songs featuring her.

While these are standouts, I don't want to belittle the rest of the cast and crew, as again, they all did a great job to create this awesome production.


BTW, gotta admit a blunder on my earlier post... this play was the re-creation of Disney's animated Cinderella, not the Rogers and Hammerstein version I posted the Youtube for. While I was looking forward to that, I really enjoyed this.  And, I know the kiddos will probably appreciate this more, as it's more familiar.



Also want to add, if you get the chance, they're having their Breakfast with Cinderella event Saturday morning at the school.  It's $5, but well worth it for the experience.  Kids get to interact with the characters, and get a sneak peek of the show among other things. It's from 9:30 to noon in the cafeteria (right outside the theater).


Your turn: What'd you think of the show?