I was a little taken aback this morning on my way to work.  When I exited the interstate to downtown Cedar Rapids, I noticed something unusual happening at the Quaker Oats plant.  Workers were installing the removable flood wall off the 2nd Street entrance.  I immediately thought, practice.  However, I was still a bit uneasy wondering if there had been HUGE amounts of rainfall to the north last night.  Thankfully, no.  Just to be sure, I thought I'd do a check of the current level of the Cedar River at Cedar Rapids and its crest forecast.  The numbers...as of 11am this morning, the Cedar at Cedar Rapids is 6.55 feet (flood stage is 12).  Forecast crest is Sunday, at 8.3 feet.  Clearly nothing in the least to be worried about.

Hopefully, Quaker Oats will never have to worry again.  However, a trial run is always a good idea.  A little practice can't hurt...just in case.