Moms are working overtime right now (even more so than they did already). With school out, sports and activities canceled, and no place for the kids to go due to the coronavirus pandemic, things have become even more challenging for moms, as many are also playing teacher and coach.

In our new socially-distanced and quarantined world, moms need to know that this Sunday means more than ever. It's Mother's Day, and like never before, they deserve to know just how special they are. They are truly among the "essential" workers we talk so much about these days.

A new YouGov survey has listed the top things that moms want for Mother's Day and it includes a lot of things that, unfortunately, none of us can really have right now. From a haircut and manicure to a meal out, shopping in person at their favorite store, and time with family and friends that they haven't seen since before the quarantine. What they'll actually be getting under our new normal is a phone call, video chat or a text conversation. The thing about moms is, they'll be ecstatic with that, too!

I lost my mother to cancer ten years ago. It's always hard this time of year since I can't spend time with her or talk to her. That's a photo of her there, at the top of this story. Whether your mom is still with us or has passed on, we want to hear what makes her so special. Send us a photo of your mother, or the two of you together, and share a few words about why she's the greatest. Just leave your photos and messages in the comments or send them to us in the free mobile app.

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Also, if you plan on doing brunch with mom, we do still have several restaurants open for carryout and delivery in the area if you'd like to treat her to a meal she doesn't have to cook.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you, and let's revisit some of the great Mother/Daughter pairs we heard from in our look-alike contest from 2018.

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