Ah, yes! Valentine's Day, also referred to by some as "Singles Awareness Day", is drawing near. Trust me when I tell you, I am well "aware" of my singlehood -- and I am not always happy about it.

This holiday brings about several competing mindsets for me. On one hand, I envy all the couples whose love and happiness is rubbed in the face of the rest of us this time of year, and I often wish I had that type of relationship in my life. I'll also admit, sometimes seeing these dynamics around me also makes me want to cringe. On the other hand, I am definitely jealous of the amorous pairings.

I dislike the commercialism of the holiday. I am simply of the philosophy that a specific day should not be required to show someone how much they mean to you. An article published on YourTango, a website dedicated to love and relationships, offers a great perspective for us singles to consider about the benefits of being single on what seems like an unnecessarily pressure-filled occasion.

So while my search for love continues, I am taking a more upbeat and less pessimistic approach this year, at least for now. As always, I like to think that if I had anyone special in my life, I would do my best to treat them like my "Valentine" (hopefully without breaking the bank!) every day of the year.

Whether you're single or attached, hopefully you find a fun way to celebrate the day. Happy Valentine's Day!