Corridor on Tap is coming up quick! All week long we've been announcing beers that will be available to sample at the festival, so here are a few more good ones for you to check out.

Goose Island (Chicago, IL) - Goose Festivity Ale, Goose IPA
Kalona (Kalona, IA) - Sucha Mucha IPA, Quick Wit Belgian Style Wheat
Millstream (Amana, IA) - Schokolade Bock, Iowa Pale Ale
Summit (St. Paul, MN) - Summit Saga, Winter Ale
Bards (Minneapolis, MN) - Bards Tale, Other TBA

Even though I'm sure all of these beers are wonderful, I'm very excited to have some that are brewed right here in Iowa! Millstream Brewery is in Amana and Kalona Brewing Company is obviously in Kalona. Millstream has a pretty cool story: they opened their doors in 1985, which made them the first brewery to operate in Amana since 1884! Since then they have won 33 national awards and 1 international award. I've tasted a few beers there, but it will be cool to taste some that I haven't yet!

A big thanks to Fleck Sales and 7G Distributing for all of their contributions!