It's a moniker that has been reserved for Superman.  However it's also perfectly fitting for our friend and radio colleague, Scott Steele. This weekend, we lay our friend to rest, while celebrating the great life of someone who touched so many lives and served as a great inspiration to others.

While I worked with Scott, I unfortunately would not say I knew him well.  It was more that I knew of him.  He was a rock DJ, who loved rock, and could easily carry on a rock conversation. (He also had quite the love for Britney Spears.) However, through the crazy world that is radio, he was shifted into a different role as a country DJ.  This was not his cup of tea necessarily, but you'd never know it.  He was a man committed to his craft, who took every challenge in full stride.

This was the same way he faced he battle with cancer; he would not let a negative stop him.  I had been working with him well over a year before I knew of his illness.  I knew he struggled with health issues, but never guessed the severity.  It's not something you ask about, and wasn't something really anyone talked about.  It was about the time the invite came up for his annual dinner benefit, and someone asked if I was going, that I learned of his cancer battle.  My jaw dropped.  It wasn't out of pity, but rather amazement that someone with stage 4 cancer was fighting such a courageous battle, not letting the disease control them in the least.  From what I understood, he wasn't given the best prognosis. But he fought it, with a heart of Steele, for 5 years, beating the disease a lot longer than what I believe anyone doctor expected him to.

And before the story came to a close, it was the miracle birth of his son.  For someone who was under heavy chemo for such a long time, it was almost inconceivable that he'd be able to father a child, but amazing things happen.  As a member of his church, I know he had a strong faith, and believe deeply that there was a higher power in play here. I'm humbled in knowing his legacy will live on through his son, who will definitely grow up knowing what a great and strong man his father was, thanks to the so many lives he touched.

For those who wish to pay tribute to this great man, visitation will be held Saturday from 10-11:30am, with services from 11:30-1pm at First Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids on 3rd Avenue. In his wife Misty's words,

You're invited to come and share your stories. Let's all celebrate the life of one Mr. Scott Steele, a wonderful husband, father and my best friend.