Saturday night was an exciting one in the Collins Community Credit Union Scholarship Scramble as we wrapped up the semi-finals with a couple of firsts.  And now we know the final 2 schools to be represented in the Finals.

Clayton Kramer (i107-1)

Things were a little off on Saturday before we ever got started, as I learned Clayton from Center Point-Urbana would have to pull out of the competition due to an injury.  This was a first for the competition, where an alternate had to be found this late in the game.  Luckily, we have a provision set-up in the rules for this, and the next eligible candidate became a previously eliminated player, starting with highest score in shortest time.  While the first alternate was unavailable, Jeremy from Benton was available, and was very excited for the seconds chance.


Joining Jeremy would be David from Prairie, last year's defending champ school.  David is a QB, and when asked if he's been practicing, revealed he's pretty much tossing the ball everyday.  Combine that with a better performance in the first round, I'll admit, I was worried this could potentially be a slaughter. I was more concerned when Jeremy revealed he's mostly been working, with not a whole lot of time to throw the ball around.  He also is not a quarterback by position, so it's not part of his repertoire  anyway.  This could be interesting.

The contestants looked good warming up, and the coin toss determined Jeremy would go first.  We'd be 3rd in the halftime line-up, which started with the Titans Dolls, who had a surprise of their own, as one of the Dolls was proposed to on field. (She said yes!)

Titan Doll Jen's surprise proposal during halftime of Military Appreciation Night! Congratulations Justin and Jen!

Posted by Cedar Rapids Titans Dolls Dance Team on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jeremy took the field as we took a round of applause to recognize Clayton and CPU for their accomplishment.  But this would be Jeremy's chance for redemption, and he did, hitting target after target.  Previously, only two contestants hit the long shot; one which did it twice and is one first finalist, and the other who was beat by that finalist.  However, Jeremy drilled it home, and rushed back, with a time just short of 27 seconds, and a perfect score (which so far had NOT been done this season).  Also, in his prior run, Jeremy had 4 points, so this was huge, and put a ton of pressure on David.

I could see the determination in David's eyes as he toed the line.  The crowd was fired up after Jeremy's perfect run, and were ready to support David.  And on my mark, he was off.  Just like Jeremy, David was perfect, zipping in toss after toss. This was looking like it would come down to time.  And as he became only the 4th contestant to connect from the final target, the race was on. His time... just over the 28 sec. mark. A bit too slow.

And with that, Jeremy earned his second chance, redeemed himself, and is now in the June 13th final against Washington QB Noah. Wow!

Make sure you get your tickets for the final Titans home game of the season to cheer on your team, and cheer on these two contestants representing Washington and Benton.  One will take home a $250 scholarship and the runner-up.  The other get $500, AND $250 for their school. We can't wait!