Update: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the BBC has sold Adele — Live at the BBC (which has been renamed Adele -- Live in London for international audiences) to a number of networks around the world, including: France (France2), Australia (Nine Network), New Zealand (TV3), Ireland (RTE), Finland (YLE), Norway (NRK), Sweden (SVT), Belgium (VRT), Italy (Mediaset), Spain (Canal+), Canada (CTV/VRAK), Netherlands (NPO3) and Germany (ZDF).

BBC Worldwide’s director of music, Salim Mukaddam, said, "The world has been waiting a long time for this title and we're thrilled to be able to work with Adele and the BBC to bring this extraordinary piece of prime time television to a global audience. Featuring a sensational performance from Adele, as well as a candid interview with Graham Norton and some hilarious and surprising moments, Live in London is truly worth the wait."

Everything about Adele's return to music this year thus far has been epic. The teaser for "Hello" made our hearts skip a beat. The official music video for "Hello" basically made us weep tears of both joy and empathetic sadness.

And now she's ready to completely slay us with her first ever live performance of "Hello," as part of her BBC One music special that will air later this month. The special, which will be called Adele at the BBC/Adele Live in London (depending on which side of the pond you're on), will be hosted by comedian Graham Norton, and will feature some of Adele's older hits, as well as her new record-breaker.

For right now, we will have to be satisfied with the short teaser clip of the performance that Billboard so graciously shared with the world earlier this morning. Despite its length, the clip makes us confident that Adele's first live rendition of "Hello" will most assuredly make angels cry.

After the performance bit, we're treated to a snippet of a game-like segment called "Rumor Has It," where Norton goes into the audience and lets them ask Adele to address some crazy rumors. The one rumor we get to see is about Adele apparently not being allowed to run her own Twitter because, as Adele admits, she was notorious for "drunk tweeting" before she gave up alcohol.

Her answer to the rumor is genuinely hilarious and charming. See for yourselves:

Norton himself has said that the special is going to be "the music event of the year," so we're dying of anticipation to watch it all unfold live in the (hopefully very) near future.

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