The was a big wedding over the weekend.  And although Neal Patrick Harris finally got married to his longtime partner David Burtka this weekend, that's not the wedding we're talking about.  This one was much closer to home, and honored a relationship that's lasted a lot longer.  In fact, 62 years longer.In Davenport this past weekend, 91 yr old Vivian Boyack finally got to say "I Do" as she celebrated her nuptials to 90 yr old Alice "Noonie" Dubes.  The two women have been together as a couple for 72 years, when they were in their late teens, having met in Yale, Iowa.  You can say they were pretty much High School sweethearts.  But the world was a much different place back then.  And only since 2009 has gay marriage been legal in Iowa.

As the Reverend said at the ceremony, "This was a celebration of something that should have happened a long time ago."  In their 72 years, they've traveled to all 50 states, all provinces of Canada, and England twice.  Their 73 yr old friend Jerry, who's known then since his teen years, admits they are "special people."  We've got to admit, any two people who can keep a true loving relationship that long in life, especially with the world's pressures, are indeed special.  Congratulations to the happy couple, giving inspiration to so many.