A new survey looked at the most popular Halloween costumes for adults in each state, and Iowa shares it's number one with Connecticut.

Are you an adult? Do you live in Iowa? Have you recently dressed as a cat for Halloween? Then congratulations! You are fairly predictable.

A survey done by the Retail Federation found that cats are the favorite costume for adults in the Hawkeye State this year. That also falls under the category of 'animals,' which is the second most popular costume nationwide. Here's the full list:

  1. A witch
  2. An animal
  3. A "Batman" character
  4. A Zombie
  5. A "Star Wars" character
  6. A Pirate
  7. A Vampire
  8. An action hero or superhero
  9. A doctor/nurse
  10. A political figure/horror movie character/wench, tart, or vixen (It was a 3-way tie!)

If you want to see the state-by-state breakdown, click HERE.

84% of Americans plan on dressing up for Halloween this year... will you be one of them?

[Via Cheat Sheet]