While kids are full of joy, they can also be very cruel, especially to their peers and someone who may be seen as "different".  And sometimes it means some kids are left out during one of the best parts of the school day, RECESS!  Some local area school kids are looking to change that however.  

Earlier this school year, my 4th grade daughter came home from her Student Council meeting telling us all about how they approved the idea to have a "Buddy Bench" at her school.  The whole idea was that there'd be a special bench on the playground, and anytime you see someone sitting there alone, you were supposed to be a caring person, and go sit with them, inviting them to be included.  Ultimately, you we're becoming their "buddy" in a time of sadness and need.

We personally thought it was a great idea, and wished for the best that the idea would take off and make a difference.  My daughter was very excited I know.  Now that the weather has warmed back up, I think the installation of the bench is in the works.

While I was happy to see this happening, I was curious if we were the only school this was happening at.  I've recently learned it's not.  In fact 3 other schools are also getting these benches, some of which are part of a local Girl Scout Troop project.

I encourage you to talk with your kids and see if they have a "Buddy Bench" at their school, and teach them to be kind and go be a buddy to those they see on the bench.  School can be tough on a kid, especially a new kid, but a little kindness from a new "Buddy" can go a long way.