The Cedar Rapids Police Department and area banks and credit unions are warning of a scam that's happening now in the Cedar Rapids area. Here's what NOT to do.

Some people in Eastern Iowa are receiving phone calls telling them their debit cards have been blocked and they should punch their 16-digit card number into their phone. This supposedly will unblock it. DO NOT do it. No matter who they claim to be or claim to be with, don't do it. Your bank or credit union will never ask for your card numbers on the phone. The Police Department recommends hanging up if you get one of these calls and to not respond to any of the requests that the person or automated phone system makes. Even if your caller ID shows that the call is coming from a reputable source, don't believe it. Scammers can make the calls look/sound legitimate, even on your caller ID.

If you receive a call like the one described above, you should hang up and call your bank, credit union, or the provider of the card. The phone number should be on the back of the card. A good thing to remember is to provide specific information to someone only when you are the one that originates the call.

Please share this information with anyone who you think it might help. We all work way too hard for our money to be tricked out of it by a thief.

[via Cedar Rapids Police Department]