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KRNA's Corridor On Tap Beer Festival is this Friday, November 21 at the Convention Complex inside U.S. Cellular Center. To get that palate primed for some tasty suds, here are some random beer facts. This list may excite you, please don't spill your beer.

  • Iowa ranks #7 in beer consumption. District of Columbia is #1. Utah drinks the least. Wisconsin comes in at #5. [Bloomberg] "When You Say WIS-CON-SIN, You haven't said it all." Iowa City downs the most in the Hawkeye State. Brothers/IC serves the most. Worldwide, The Czech Republic consumes the most.
  • Beer commercials aren't allowed to show people actually drinking the stuff.
  • The study of beer is known as Zythology -- if you are looking for a major.
  • At any given moment, just under 1% of the population is drunk. At THIS moment, 50 million people are inebriated.
  • President George Washington had his own brewhouse on the grounds of Mt. Vernon (no, not that one). Martha knew where to find him.
  • The first Iowa brewery was Millstream in the Amanas. Pickett's/Star in Dubuque was the only brewery that was open when prohibition ended.
  • Cenosillicaphobia is a condition you may possess: Fear of an empty glass.
  • Some dude in PA holds the Guinness Book of World Records record for fastest chug. He took in 33 oz. in 1.3 seconds in 1977. Wonder if he was drinking Guinness?
  • Your 5% beer has nothing on this one; "Snake Venom" from Scotland has 67% ABV. "You might only need a sip of that one, Sir."
  • Beer is one of the oldest beverages, dating back to to 9500 B.C.
  • The #1 beer in retail sales in Iowa: Busch Light.


Now are you ready to drink with us? We are all set to go with 4 hours of sampling of over 100 beers, made locally, nationally, and internationally.

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