Think at some point we all "ooh" and "ahh" over how this house or that house decorated for the holidays.  And we look at all the videos online of sweet displays from across the nation or globe, wondering why no one around here does it, at least on the grand scale you see on the net.  Good news is, somebody does!Let's clarify: there's light displays, then there's the synchronized light displays, where you drive to someone's neighborhood, tune your car radio in, and sit and watch the magic.  That's the display I've been looking for!  And someone reached out to us recommending Blue Creek Christmas, located just north of Center Point.  Checked out their facebook page, and found this:


Okay, seriously NEED to check this out.  And last night, perhaps the coldest night of the year, we did.  30 min show, which goes 100% black-out right at 10p, and we got there around 9:40.  So, we saw most of it, and it was indeed magical!
Especially the finale!  (Note, videos just don't do the live show justice!)

This is only the 3rd year they've done this, and for my family, it's going to be an annual routine. Even better, they take donations for charity, this year going to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Check out their album too!

They're still open through Jan 5th, so we might be back.  Well done Blue Creek, well done!

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