While we enjoyed a typical Midwest winter weekend, it was a very different story on the East Coast as winter storm Jonas dropped quite a bit of snow.  While flights are still trying to get back in order, and some are still trying to dig out their cars, many took full advantage to enjoy the craziness, and share their fun with the world.  Here is some of the best stories you may have seen (or possibly missed) in the storm's aftermath.


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    District of Snowlumbia Snowball Fight

    A guy in our nation's capital took his brand new 360-degree camera out to enjoy the fun, and got awesome virtual reality style footage, including in the middle of a giant snowball fight.  We can't stop watching the video, and you can actually click and drag around throughout it to see the action from every angle.

    District of Snowlumbia (360 Video)VIRTUAL REALITY SNOWBALL FIGHT

    Posted by Griffin Harrington on Monday, January 25, 2016

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    One Very Awesome Igloo

    A guy is walking down the street when he see's black smoke rising from inside a huge snow mound in his neighbor's yard.  What he finds inside is incredible! Unfortunately, the video is NSFW thanks to the language.

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    Igloo For Rent

    A Brooklyn man and his buddy decided to take advantage of the snow, and also built an igloo.  Then they got to thinking of the financial prospects, and listed the igloo on airbnb.com, and it went viral.  Unfortunately, Airbnb shut it down not long after, claiming it didn't meet their standards.  We still think it pretty cool, and compliment their efforts.

    Patrick Horton - Twitter
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    Man Has A Great Reason For Walking Topless in the Storm

    As the snow was falling in Nashville, a TV news reporter was doing his thing when suddenly a man walks across his shot, without a shirt on.  When the reporter asks the man if he's cold, the response is simple and priceless. He's from Wisconsin.  Enough said.

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    Snow Report Crashed By A Celebrity

    When you're doing a live broadcast, you never know what you'll encounter. A CNN reporter got quite the surprise when all of the sudden Stephen Tyler shows up. And since it's Stephen Tyler, you know this makes for a strange, starstruck occasion, which turns into an awkward plug.

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    The New Trend: Snow Swimming

    For some crazy reason, once the snow got as deep as it did, a whole bunch of people decided to strip down to their swim suits, and dive in. Videos started popping up from all over of people doing it, as it quickly became a "Snow Challenge". Some were even strong and brave enough to actually "swim" a few feet.  Others completely disappear into the snow for a brief moment. I applaud their bravery.

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    Dinosaur Shovels Snow

    One of the first videos from the storm to go viral was that of a man shoveling in Kentucky.  Nothing strange here, except that he was in a T-Rex costume.  It was a ridiculously odd site that it's no wonder it went viral quickly.  Which then inspired many copycat videos, including this one of T-Rex having a snow fight with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

    Posted by Amy Saxon White on Friday, January 22, 2016

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    Snowboarding NYC

    When your sport is Snowboarding, and your city is suddenly covered in enough snow to literally snowboard in the streets, what do you do?  Tie a rope to the back of a jeep and go apparently.  Of course there's quite a bit of risk involved, and the police don't like it. But the spectators sure did.

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    Panda Plays In The Snow

    People weren't the only ones enjoying the snow. Did you see the video of Tian Tian, a giant panda at the National zoo, rolling around in the snow? It caused this guy to recreate the moment.

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    Superintendent Calls A Snow Day In A Unique Way

    A Superintendent in West Virginia rose to Internet stardom last year when he took the anthem from 'Frozen' to leave a fantastic snow day message for the district.  This year, he's done it again, taking on Adele's smash 'Hello' with a snow day parody, just before the winter storm really hit.