It's been just a few weeks since Beyonce sparked misguided outrage with her stellar Super Bowl halftime performance, and she’s already diving into promo for her upcoming album. Journey further into B6 era with Bey's new photo spread in GARAGE magazine.

The largely fashion-based publication's preview sees Beyonce working with artist Urs Fischer to deliver a series of portraits set to be featured in the magazine. GARAGE says it’ll have a story full of “exclusive words with Beyonce herself,” which suggests an interview -- something that's become increasingly rare for the “Formation” singer.

Just last year, Beyonce nabbed the cover of FLAUNT magazine’s September issue. And while she provided the site with a series of photos, the typical profile story was substituted with a word association game, which Beyonce filled out herself.

Before that, Beyonce agreed to an offer from Vogue to be their cover star — again, for the highly coveted September issue, no less — but, once again, declined to sit for an interview. This is the mark of her immense power; photos are enough.

This promo comes on the heels of a rumor claiming Beyonce may be dropping two albums this year, according to a report from HitsDailyDouble.

If true, 2016 will see the release of her final solo album under her current contract as well as an album with her husband, Jay Z. It wouldn’t be a total surprise, either — rumors of a Bey and Jay joint effort have been circulating online for quite some time now, though the pair have yet to offer an official confirmation.

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