Some very exciting developments for a project that's been in the works for Cedar Rapids for several years.

Cedar Bayou Park has announced that the waterpark has finalized a deal to purchase 40-acres of land in a high-profile location next to Interstate 380. The deal was finalized this morning and Cedar Bayou Founder and CEO Nick Ford joined us in the KHAK studio to share that and more exciting news.

This conceptual drawing shows all the different facets planned for the outdoor waterpark:

Water Techology Inc

The indoor portion of the waterpark is equally as impressive, and will feature Cedar Tower:

via Avalanche Waterslides

Plans also include a massive natatorium for swimming competitions and plenty of room for seating:

via Nick Ford/Cedar Bayou
via Nick Ford/Cedar Bayou
via Google Maps

Ford tells us groundbreaking could begin as soon as this October with Cedar Bayou Park opening as early as late 2018 or sometime in 2019. This dream is becoming closer and closer to reality and that's very exciting news for Cedar Rapids and the entire corridor.

[via Cedar Bayou]