We bring you breaking news out of Solon, Iowa. According to our media partners at CBS2/FOX28, "In a town full of stop signs, the City of Solon is finally getting a traffic light." That's right, a traffic light in Solon. I know, it's crazy.

Solon has a population of about 2,000 people. It's located just a few miles from Lake MacBride State Park and not far from Iowa City and Coralville.

According to the city, "about 8,000 cars drive through Solon every day." That's a lot of cars. I have an idea....why not put up a toll instead. $3.00 per car, times 8000 cars, that would be $24,000 a day!  That's $168,000 per week! I'm guessing they won't go for it.

This new traffic light is big news in Solon. I'm told a party is being planned in honor of the new addition. According to my sources, t-shirts have been printed, and a web page is in the works. The new light is a huge hit in this beautiful little community.

Congratulations, Solon. Enjoy your new light and welcome to the club.