Billy Bob Thornton denies having any part of Johnny Depp's and Amber Heard's messy divorce in light of a new report that alleges Heard had an affair with Thornton.

Yesterday (August 15), TMZ published a disturbing account of a fight that erupted between Heard and Depp in March 2015, just a month after the two were married. While vacationing in Australia, Depp and Heard landed in an argument, during which Depp accidentally sliced off a chunk of his right hand's middle finger. Heard alleges he was drunk and high on ecstasy, and after smashing glasses, windows and a plastic phone, the actor dipped his gnarly wound into dark blue paint and wrote phrases including "Billy Bob" and "Easy Amber" on a mirror.

Heard vehemently denied Depp's claims that she cheated. In a TMZ update posted on August 16, Thornton also refuted the allegation, saying any story of him socializing with Amber alone off set is "completely false."

Depp and Heard were married for 15 months before Heard filed for divorce in May. She's since filed a restraining order against her ex, and accused him of routine physical and mental abuse. As recently as May, Heard accused Depp of domestic assault, and showed up to a May 27 court case with a bruised face after claiming he'd struck her with an iPhone a week earlier.

TMZ also published a video on Friday (August 12) recorded on Heard's phone in which a ranting, inconsolable Depp patrols the kitchen, bangs cabinets and throws a wine bottle and glass. Depp ultimately snatches the camera after realizing he's being filmed and issues several vague, unclear threats and saying, "I'll show you crazy." TMZ says the footage was collected months before the alleged May 21 assault.

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