You'd probably assume that someone like Chris Pratt, an actor who played the lead role in two hugely successful movies that were released within a year of each other, would get mobbed or at least mildly harassed were he to walk down a busy city sidewalk in the middle of the day. That might be true elsewhere, but no one in New York City seems to know who Chris Pratt is.

In a sneak peek from an upcoming episode of Billy on the Street -- a game show in which high-energy host Billy Eichner runs around the streets of New York City and screams pop culture questions at people, rapid-fire style -- Eichner and Pratt get "ready to hit the streets to talk to New Yorkers about how excited they are about Chris Pratt’s career."

The only catch is that hardly anyone in the clip (which you can check out above) seems to recognize Pratt at all. From having no clue as to who he is ("f---k if I know") to guessing the wrong Chris ("Chris Evans!" declares one hopeful woman, incorrectly), the group of people questioned do their best to solidify the sweeping generalization that New Yorkers don't care about celebrities.

Thankfully one woman does recognize Pratt, though she seems to be a bigger fan of his wife, Anna Faris.

The full episode of Billy on the Street featuring Chris Pratt will air on Thursday (October 14) at 10:30pm on TruTV.

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