Winter is finally out of here, and the weather is finally warming up.  But, there's still those days you just don't want to get out of bed, those rainy, cloudy, foggy days... those blah days.  Once again, we're giving you a reason to actually look forward to them!This Spring, we're teaming with Capri College to turn those Blah days to Spa days!  All you need to do is fill out the entry form below to get yourself registered! Then, on weekdays starting April 9th through May 23rd (Memorial Day Weekend), whenever there is a clearly blah day in Cedar Rapids, Carson will make the announcement just after 3pm, that he’s turning the “Blah Day into a Spa Day for ______” and read off a name from all those registered.

Thinkstock: Gubico

If it's yours, you'll have 10 minutes and 71 seconds to call in and claim your Spa package courtesy of Capri College. We will also post the name on Facebook and Twitter.  However, when the time is up, a new name will be called with the same deadline of 10min, 71sec.  If that person also does not call in time, the package will go up for grabs to all listeners to the 7th caller.

So get registered, and join us as we look forward to those Blah Days!