Stephanie Eliserio

And you thought Bobcat Goldthwait's upcoming appearance would be the only bobcat sighting this spring in Iowa. Stephanie Eliserio of Jefferson captured a beautiful snapshot of one in Greene County. She caught a glimpse of the cat enjoying a deer carcass supper on Tuesday and grabbed her photo gear.

Here's her story of the cat encounter.

The bobcat was on the brink of being wiped out in Iowa just a few decades ago, but the Iowa DNR reports the species has made a strong comeback. Mostly seen in the southern counties of the state, it is a secretive bunch that can typically travel up to 10 miles in a week. They shelter in rock dens and brush piles.

The bobcat joins the lynx and mountain lion as wildcats that are native to Iowa, but bobcats are the only ones with established populations in the Hawkeye State. They live just three to five years on average and feast on rabbits, birds, mice and squirrels.

Keep your eyes open for these stunning animals this spring, especially if you travel southward in Iowa.

[via KWQC]