Britney Spears fans paid a pretty penny for a VIP meet and greet with the singer at her Las Vegas residency, but they were left feeling cheated. Each fan was granted only a few seconds with Brit Brit. That suuuuucks!

Brit fans paid handsomely for the VIP package – how about $2,500? Yeppers. But instead of getting a dose of quality time with the star, they nabbed about three seconds of her time for a photo opp before being ushered away so the next fan could get their three seconds with Brit Brit.

An insider said, "We were told before the meet-and-greet that they were not to hug or touch Britney without her permission and they weren’t allowed to bring her any gifts. And then once they finally got to meet her it was like smile, take a photo, goodbye. Each person literally got like 3-seconds with her."

The three seconds with Brit were said to be "awkward and uncomfortable" and Brit smiled, nodded and said "Thank you" a lot. It was no hang sesh.

We can understand not being able to touch or hug the star without asking first, since she is likely pawed at by fans and it can get scary. Not being able to give her a gift is a safety measure, as well. Gift would need to be confiscated to make sure no funny or scary business was being attempted.

But to be granted a mere three seconds of time with her? That's like $833 a second. Who has that kind of scratch to waste? Sure, the VIP package came with front row tickets to the Piece of Me residency gig and a bag of Brit swag, but fans were paying dearly for the chance to meet her, not tickets and merch.

Sounds like a waste of money, no matter how deeply you love Brit Brit.