Hey y'all! Britney Spears is streaming her eighth album 'Britney Jean' on iTunes right now.

Why not celebrate Thanksgiving and the album's release a few days early by enjoying this taste of the album that Brit Brit says is her most personal? If you like what you hear, you can add 'Britney Jean' to your collection of Brit albums.

The singles 'Work Bitch' and 'Perfume' are already familiar to your ears, but you can also hear the correct version of 'Alien,' an unfinished version of which leaked last week.

We've listened to the whole thing and it's a mixed bag of bangers and more personal tracks, and there's even a duet, 'Chillin' With You,' which features her baby sister Jamie Lynn, who is currently forging her path as a country singer right now.

We're liking what we hear. It's Brit -- how can we not?! Duh.

Head on over to iTunes and listen to 'Britney Jean.'

Below is Brit's tweet announcing the stream.