The butter cow always has company in the cooler at the Iowa State Fair. This year she'll have a bit different type of guest, but its choice is tied to the history of the Iowa State Fair.

The butter cow has been part of the Iowa State Fair's storied history since the early 1900's... 1911 to be exact. In recent years, carver Sarah Pratt has made butter figures of Iowa gymnast Shawn Johnson, Harry Potter, and Neil Armstrong to go along with a freshly carved cow each year. This year's choice is Rich Uncle Pennybags from the game Monopoly. Why Monopoly? Iowa State Fair Marketing Director Mindy Williamson reports it's due to the game celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. She also said, "We thought Monopoly tied in perfectly with the family-friendly environment that we have at the Fair. A lot of families come through to look at the butter sculptures and a lot of families play Monopoly, so it was a perfect fit." Recently, the fair raised money for grounds-keeping improvements with the game "Fairopoly," so that may be part of the equation as well.

How does Pratt feel about sculpting Rich Uncle Pennybags? She's really excited saying, "My family loves Monopoly. My husband and I grew up playing Monopoly and I've spent the last couple weeks coming up with ideas for the different pieces." Yes, she'll be doing more than just a butter cow and the board game's Rich Uncle. The board game itself and several other facets of the game will appear in butter as well.

Needless to say, tens of thousands will pay a visit to the Agriculture Building at the Iowa State Fair to see Pratt's handiwork. The fair opens August 13th, but Pratt begins carving more than three weeks prior to that.

Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images

[via Des Moines Register]