The "No" vote by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has left a hole in Cedar Rapids, both emotionally and physically.  This city wanted the casino when the vote was done in March of 2013, but it seems the excitement and hope had grown to a fevered pitch lately.  We'll certainly recover from that, probably very quickly.  However, we've now got a hole.  The site that has been waiting for a "Yes" vote, with construction expected to then start almost immediately, now sits in limbo.  It's a huge area of land on both sides of 1st Ave west, bordering 1st St.

What would be a good fit for that area of Cedar Rapids?  I'm shooting for the stars.  How 'bout an IKEA store?  The closest locations are Chicagoland and the Twin Cities, so we wouldn't be invading their space.  Build that and we'll still need that parkade too.  Maybe a couple of 'em on the west-side, where parking is definitely in short supply right now.  What would you like to see in that location?  Let's get the discussion going now because the sooner a great idea is developed, the sooner the west-side of Cedar Rapids continues its recovery, and the memory of what could have been will fade.