As we hit what might be one of the hottest weekends so far, we have received word from the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department that one of the city's most popular pools, Cherry Hill Pool has been closed for maintenance and safety, and will remain closed for a couple of days.According to the press release,

"Glass was broken and entered the pool at a depth of five to six feet. Safety regulations require that the pool be drained to that water level so the glass can be removed and the pool cleaned to avoid patron injury. The pool takes approximately four to six days to drain and refill."

Not good news, especially as the pool was looking to celebrate the Longest Day of Summer special event tomorrow night.  That will be rescheduled.  Also, anyone with swim lessons will be contacted for a reschedule.


The good news, all other pools are open, and they hope to have Cherry Hill Open again by Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  Just another reminder that glass never belongs around a pool.

Keep cool this weekend!