The road to the 2017 World Series runs through Chicago this year, with the 2016 Championship Cubs back in the action for the second straight year, and trying to repeat last year's glorious season with another World Series title.

So just how do Cedar Rapids Cubs fans prepare for this week's big MLB series against the Washington Nationals? All superstitions behind, let's carefully consider each step:

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    Plan your menu

    Chicago Style Hot Dogs

    All all-beef Vienna frankfurter in a poppy seed roll is  good start, but just a start. Please don't call it a "bun". And don't skimp on the extras: pickle, tomato, hot pepper, mustard are essentials.

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    Add your beverage


    Lots of it. Keep it cold. And keep it coming. Bonus points if you can find a six pack of Old Style at some out of the way grocery store for that truly authentic Chicago beer buzz.

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    Good Old Fashioned Sing-Along

    Go Cubs Go!

    You can't really get into the game without the proper warm up. Here's a great Cubs tradition that will have you ready to go from the very first pitch.

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    A trip to your favorite hang out


    Wrigleyville on 7th Ave. in Marion is the #1 Cubs sports bar in the area for loyal fans and bandwagon jumpers alike. Get there early and remember to tip your servers!

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    Have Fun!

    Good Sportmanship is Essential

    Above all else, Cubs fans are the friendliest fans in baseball (and second only to Green Bay Packers fans for all sports). So don't go sliding into second base all  spikes up. And remember, pitchers should never serve up a high hard one on a 2-1 count.

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