Does your routine car travel take you through any of the following intersections around Cedar Rapids or Iowa City? If so, you want to pay attention!

These are some of Cedar Rapids most dangerous crossroads, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation. The agency list of Top 200 Safety Improvement Candidate Locations includes these well-known hot-spots for fender-benders and more serious traffic accidents.

Cedar Rapids:


2010 seemed like a particularly bad year with a higher-than-average number of accidents. In Iowa City, Tuesday was the more accident-prone day, more than any other day of the week. Surprised? Maybe too many long weekends?


For as dangerous as these roads in Linn and Johnson Counties can be, it pales by comparison to the traffic dangers in Davenport, the city that takes the number 1 and number 2 spot in most traffic accidents – even worse than Des Moines!



Let’s be careful out there!


[Via Iowa Department of Transportation]