Two Cedar Rapids officers finished up a call Thursday, then joined in a friendly neighborhood game of Wiffle ball.

There's been so much negativity in our world lately, we need to see simple gestures of goodness. Obviously, this mom appreciated it and so did her son.

On her Facebook post, Lyndsey Wright says her son, "came home so excited about a couple CRPD officers playing wiffle ball with him and his friends. The officers were responding to a call across the street and when they were finished they asked the boys who was winning and said, "Count us in!" They stayed and played for 15 minutes or so and the boys loved it!" Her son thought it was so cool he stopped and shot a little video.

We think it's awfully cool too. And hey, when the officer pitching retires he can take up a career pitching to neighborhood kids on the Wiffle ball diamond. He appears to be able to throw strikes both overhand and underhand, not an easy task.