Ever since the announcement that a Professional Soccer Team was coming to town, excitement and buzz around town continues to grow.  A couple weeks back, we finally learned the team's name; The Rampage.  And just the other week, we now also know who the coach will be, and yet another reason why to be excited.

That coach will be Jeff Kraft.  To many of us, that name may not mean a whole lot.  However, to insiders in the Indoor soccer world, the name is a pretty big deal.  Coach Kraft has over 20 years experience, and was twice named the Coach of the Year.

We are extremely excited to bring in a coach like Jeff Kraft to lead the Rampage in our inaugural season. He’s a veteran coach that has experience in building championship teams. General Manager Chris Kokalis

But more than that, Coach Kraft is quite experienced with the game as he was a stand-out player, having scored 31 goals, with eight assists, in just 74 games over a 3 year career with one team. Six of the goals were very exciting game winners. And the stat sheet gets even better, as in his 3rd year as a head coach, his team won the league Championship, and he was named Coach of the Year.

If there's one thing I know about the management behind the Rampage, it's that they know how to build a winning team.  They're the same management team behind the Titans, and look at what outstanding success they've had, making it to the Conference Championship every year except the Inaugural season. After all, who doesn't love when their team wins, especially when they make it all the way to the top.  It sure sounds like this coach will certainly help get us there.

So what's next? Well, we need the players. Tryouts are coming up this weekend at the US Cellular Center, and we know there's PLENTY of local talent ready to rise to the challenge. The team also expects players from around the country to be in town read to play for our city and this coach. If you or someone you know would like to tryout, you can get more info at cedarrapidsrampage.com.

I know many are also very curious on the schedule, so you can make plans to be at as many of the 11 home games as possible.  While the full schedule is coming soon, we do know the home kick-off will be October 30th at the US Cellular Center. While individual game tickets are not yet available, season tickets are. Click here for those.

Personally, I was a bit skeptical about the team coming, as I worried there'd be enough interest.  I admit, I was very wrong.  With 2 state champion HS teams, and plenty more youth soccer players all around, it's certain to be a draw.  Plus look at the excitement the Ladies World Cup drew this year. I'm not a soccer fan, but I am 200% ready to be won over, and I know I will.

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