A northeast side restaurant announced they were closing yesterday with no warning to anyone including employees, it appears.

Lava Fusion, which according to their website had been open for five years, is/was located at the corner of Blairs Ferry and Edgewood Road Northeast. Sunday afternoon, they had this sign on the entrance doors:

Julie James

They made the closing announcement on their Facebook page during the late morning hours. They posted that they were closed and that they're bringing an Italian Wood Burning Pizza Oven To Cedar Rapids.

What's so strange is they seem to have a plan in place, but yet a comment on their Facebook page stated that an employee found out she'd lost her job from Sunday's social media post. Lava Fusion responded by saying "We understand your concern for your friend, Alexis. It was a last minute decision. Management began calls to everyone today." Is it just me, or does something not add up? However, obviously, I don't know all the facts.

Julie James


Best of luck to all the affected employees and to management as they prepare for something new. This building seems awfully big for a pizza place these days, but we'll have to see. Hopefully, they'll have longer-term success than another wood-fired pizza restaurant that was previously located nearby. Brickside Cafe was located off Boyson Road in Hiawatha. It closed a year ago next month after five years, just like Lava Fusion.

[via Lava Fusion and Brickside Cafe]