Cedar Rapids and Linn County have released a list of streets that have been closed due to the flood.

Here's an up-to-date list of city street and bridge closures at this time:


  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 8th Avenue bridges open Friday morning with access restricted to business and property owners.


  • Edgewood Road bridge over Cedar River

I-380 Ramp Closures:

  • The 5th Avenue SW/Diagonal Drive SW exit (Exit 19A) for northbound traffic
  • The 1st Street W exit (Exit 19C) for northbound traffic will be closed to all traffic
  • The 1st Street E exit (Exit 20A) for southbound traffic will be closed to all traffic

Cedar Rapids Road Closures:

  • C Street SW at HWY 30
  • Ellis Blvd, from Edgewood Rd to Penn Avenue is closed
  • C Street SW at Ely Road SW (By Tait Cummins Park) is closed
  • Old River Road SW at Big Bend Road is closed
  • Ellis Road west of Edgewood Rd is closed
  • Ellis Boulevard from Ellis Lane to E Avenue is closed
  • E Ave NW between Ellis Blvd NW and 1st Street NW is closed
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Avenues – closed between 6th Street W to 5th Street E
  • 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Avenues SE – closed between 1st Street SE to 6th Street SE
  • Coe Road NE from E to 1st Avenue
  • 8th Avenue – closed between 1st Street SW to 10th Street SE
  • 12th Avenue – closed between C Street SW to 10th Street SE
  • 16th Avenue – closed between C Street SW to 4th Street SE
  • 1st Street NE –closed between A Street NE to 1st Avenue E
  • 7th Street SE – closed at 8th Avenue SE to southbound traffic
  • 8th Street SE – closed at 8th Avenue SE to southbound traffic

Access will be maintained for emergency personnel, construction vehicles, and property owners only. The public is asked to avoid the downtown area, NewBo area, Time Check NW area, and Czech Village area to assist with flood preparation efforts and provide room for construction vehicles.

Linn County Road Closures:

  • Bertram Road from Mt Vernon Road to Blue bridge
  • Bertram Road from Berry Road south to sewer plant
  • Burlingham Road at Buffalo Creek bridge (bridge 406)
  • Cedar River Road from Hwy 30 to Hwy 1
  • Cedar Ridge Road: 4694 Cedar Ridge Road to 4741 Cedar Ridge Road
  • Chain Bridge Road east of Shae Drive to end of road
  • Dix Road: 5636 Dix Road to south to end of road.
  • Ellis Road From Covington Road to Edgewood Road
  • Ivanhoe Road from Highway 1 east 1/4 mile to west 1/2 mile
  • Lewis Access between Palo and Center Point
  • Matsell Park Road: from 3697 Matsell Park Road to north of Matsell Bridge Park entrance
  • McClelland Road from Sailor Road to ½ mile south of Day Road
  • North Alburnett Road 1 mile north of Paris Road to end of road
  • Old River Road from Big Bend Road (now expanded east to Andrle Road) to C St.
  • Otis Road from 44th St. to Bertram Road
  • Paris Road From Sutton Road to just east of Wapsi bridge (bridge 981)
  • Rogers Road from Covington Road to Gardner Drive
  • Sailor Road from McClelland Road to ½ mile east of McClelland Road
  • Sutton Road At Wapsi bridge (bridge 762)
  • Valley Farm Road: from 5055 Valley Farm Rd south to Pinicon Ridge Park entrance
  • Wapsi Banks Road 1,400 feet easy of Boys Scouts Road to 1.5 miles east of Boy Scouts Road
  • Waubeek River Road in Waubeek


  • Anderson Road at Buffalo Creek bridge (bridge 2070)
  • Coggon Road 2,000 feet east of Troy Mills Road for 0.2 miles
  • Gard Road from Walker Road north for 1,500 feet
  • Linn-Delaware Road Just west of Buffalo Creek bridge to just east of Buffalo Creek bridge
  • Wapsi Y Road: 2033 Wapsie Y Road to 2071 Wapsie Y Road

For an interactive map of Linn County road closures, click HERE.

[via City of Cedar Rapids]