Well, it's happened again.  Facebook may have found another way to trick their users. Did you fall victim to their latest supposed experiment?  If you put the rainbow over your photo, you possibly did. Shortly after the SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage, there was a quick "support" link flowing rampantly across the site, encouraging users to click the "Celebrate Pride" button, and add a rainbow overlay to their photo. We're guessing you may have done it, as more than 26 million did.  Many still have it up.  But there's a bunch of "experts" out there who believe the TRUE reason behind the overlay was a psychological experiment, to which we were all the unknowing guinea pigs.

Some are thinking it's simply Facebook's way of figuring out how to influence people, as it was set up on their site, so they were collecting plenty of data from the simple app.  The test is apparently similar to the published data collection test in 2013, when everyone was turning their profile pics into the red equal sign for marriage equality.  However, this time it's being speculated they're more watching how long it will take you to change your picture back.

Honestly, we're not so sure we buy into all this hype.  To us, as it was to you, it's an easy way to show support on a major issue and change in ideology in this county. If facebook DID use it to "test" us unwillingly, does it really matter?

BTW: Facebook has denied these claims.

[VIA ZMEScience / DailyMail]