UPDATE: 2 more arrests made 3/6.

I think we were all stunned by the fight that occurred recently at the Lindale Mall Food Court.  Video of it started surfacing over the weekend, and it's completely shocking and sad.  Tonight we learn that video has lead to 3 arrests, including 2 minors.If you have not seen the video, we did discover it online, on a website containing plenty NSFW language, and plenty of hate messages. The video also contains language.  If you haven't seen it yet, you'll find it here.

What we've learned the event actually took place Feb. 15th, and there were quite a few individuals involved, many of which appear to be minors.  We are unsure what caused the dispute, but it was quick.  Police were called and arrived on the scene in about 4 minutes after being notified.  However, by that time, everyone had gone. However, the police have seen the video, and it did help in the Disorderly conduct arrests of 2 minors (who have since been released to their mother), as well as 37 year old K. Keith of Cedar Rapids. Police have said they are continuing their investigation and more arrests may be made.  On March 6th, 2 more arrests were made, a 19 and 21 year old, both of Cedar Rapids. As always, if you have more information, please contact the CR Police Department.

What saddens us is not just that this was local and involving minors, but the racial hate messages that are surrounding this incident.  Police have stated they will begin increasing patrols at the malls so incidents like this don't happen again.

Rumors have also surfaces speculating this event was gang related, although according the police, there is no evidence of that being the case.  Others are speculating this was a result of an argument over a female.

The other big concern involves where mall security was in this situation.  Again, according to the police, they can only do so much, as they are not trained to handle a situation of this magnitude.

What would you have done if you were there?