There's a lot of hype surrounding the 2016 Chicago Cubs. After making it to the National League Championship Series last year, the Cubs... yes, the Chicago Cubs... are one of the favorites to win the World Series. They haven't done that in 108 years.

The Cubs are indeed an organization undergoing a massive makeover, for the better. There's new ownership (Tom Ricketts) and a new front office team. It took a while to build a winner, but the current team is young and exciting and should be a contender for years to come. Under Manager Joe Maddon, they are a very loose bunch. And their brand new clubhouse at Wrigley Field seems to suit the team perfectly. Check out the video here...

The 30,000-square-foot area includes an expanded locker room, strength and conditioning center, training areas, offices and a lounge, as well as a media center. The old clubhouse and facilities were about 11,000 square feet.

courtesy of Chicago Tribune