Add Chris Brown to the list of urban artists over the years to vent about the 2016 Grammys selection process.

The Virginia singer, who has been nominated for 15 Grammys in his career and has one win, recently took to Twitter to let his feelings be known about the prestigious award. "#GRAMMY? This is probably the main reason i love being free to create any kind of music I want. Too many people kiss ass And work less," he wrote.

In two since deleted tweets he also noted, "If u turn on ya radio right now I promise within the hour you will hear CHRIS BROWN on damn near half the songs or I've cowritten," and, "The awards used to mean something. Now it's about likes, and memes."

Despite his ire with the industry, Brown expressed gratitude for his supporters. "I'm thankful to my fans, I am able to be the best artist I can without having to conform to the ways of my peers. I also need my commission," he added.

The singer isn't the first and he surely won't be the last urban artist to express his frustrations with the coveted awards ceremony. Late last year, Omarion voiced his displeasure over not being nominated for his hit single "Posed to Be." In the past, other artists including 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg have been vocal about not rocking with the Grammys.

We know one person who isn't complaining. Kendrick Lamar is up for a whopping 11 awards at this year's show.

Brown's venting session didn't stop there. While he was at it, he gave his thoughts on Joseph Fiennes, a white British actor, playing Michael Jackson in an upcoming British TV movie. "Y'all know y'all dead wrong to have dude play MJ. If that's the case LET ME BE SUPERMAN. Da fuck they do that at? Is that blackface?" he tweeted. Followed by, "I DONT SUPPORT THAT CORNY ASS SHIT!"

Check out Breezy's tweets below.

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