For those who ride city buses, life is about to get a whole lot better, especially as the air gets colder.  According to the latest reports, it looks like Dec. 2nd is the day the new GTC will be open.  That means a nice, large, new warm building to hand out in as you wait for your bus.  As a neighbor to the GTC, we've been watching the chaos creation of the new facility for months, and the pieces are finally starting to come together.

Since the floods, the GTC building had been a nice safe haven for smokers around Plaza 425.  The GTC walls served as a great place to hide from the winds, and the boss.  Paramount construction crews enjoyed the easy access parking around the facility, as did Riverview Condo residents. Earlier this year, that all changed as construction crews came in.  Next thing you know, streets are being blocked off and ripped up all over the place, and the walls began to tumble all around the GTC.

If you've ever lived near a building site, you know how it goes... you sit in daily wondering of what the heck they are doing, and when the headache will all end.  Anyone who's been down First St., whether trying to get to Dublin City, the new Courthouse, Imon, Montessori School, or even our building, knows what I'm talking about.  And as the weeks progressed, there was no end in site, as it continued to get seemingly worse.  Very happy to hear it's almost over.  Yes, traffic patterns will be changing all around the building (already 2 way on 5th Ave), but if you consider the timing, it's nice to know bus riders will have a warm terminal again, finally, as they wait for their bus.

All in all, the renovations are pretty sweet, quite a bit different, and worth the wait.  Props to the designers for making everything much better in the long run.  Thanks also to the construction crews for finally getting the job done, so we can get back to work here at the station and stop wondering what the heck they are doing!


the 4th Floor Voyeur