Just after 5pm this evening, we were alerted to a situation at the Kohls off Collins Rd. on the North East side of Cedar Rapids.  Customers and staff were being evacuated, as squad cars raced in, the parking lot was cleared, and the area was taped off.

Reportedly 20 employees/shoppers were inside and safely evacuated.  Surrounding stores were also evacuated. The bomb squad arrived on the scene, located the object outside the front door, and sent in the robot to investigate.  The robot eventually moved the forget green colored round object to the middle of the parking lot. Witnesses then reported a member of the bomb squad dressed in full gear inspected the suspicious package.  However, they were still unable to for sure determine if the object was a threat.

Reports also came in that no one was being allowed to leave Olive Garden and cars were possibly being investigated.

Police finally used two small charges to detonate the object, after the first one did little to disturb it.  By 7:24p, police had investigated the object by hand and reported all was safe.  The tape immediately began coming down.

We will continue to post new information if it becomes available.

CBS2's Kevin Barry has been posting some great photos on his twitter feed.  Check it out.


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