We are officially less than a month away from Insane Inflatable 5k presented by GoDaddy.  Hopefully you've registered, and possibly started training.  You may even have your team together.  The most important question now is what to wear? Sure, it's a 5k, so you might be thinking typical race gear.  However, this isn't your normal 5k, so it's time to get creative and spice things up.  Here's a couple of idea starters for you.

  • Movie themes:  Wizard of Oz is always popular, but we've also seen a lot of cartoon themes.  We're guessing "Minions" will serve as inspiration for quite a few this year. But go beyond, and think of movies that others may not consider. Be unique.
  • Superheroes:  It's kind of obvious this will be extremely popular.  But again, you don't have to limit yourself do Marvel or DC.  What about Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Incredibles, Captain Planet and crew, Flash Gordon...
  • Princesses:  I'm surprised we don't see a whole lot of these.
  • Villians: They never get the respect they deserve, yet they have awesome costumes.
  • 'Merca: Just think, the event is happening to kick-off Freedom Fest, so why not how off that patriotic spirit?
  • Decades: A roaring 20's team, a 60's hippies team, and 80's hairband team, an 80's neon and hairspray team...  thinking, thinking.
  • Sports teams: While we live in Hawkeye soaked Iowa, there so many more ways to support sports teams, including collegiate, minor, major, local and national.

Need more ideas?  Check out this gallery of photos from other Insane Inflatable 5k runs. (Just remember, you will be running, climbing, dodging, and doing a lot of jumping, so "bulky" may not be the best idea.)