Yesterday I posted that video about how we wake up. So maybe I'm over worked, or sleep deprived, or a little of both.  Not sure.  But when I lie awake at night, needing to fall asleep, I have a trick that almost always works.  Figured it'd be rude to keep to myself.(In fact, I recently shared the idea with a co-worker, and he said it works.)  I started doing this shortly after my daughter was born, as I sat quietly in her room waiting for her to fall asleep.  I started at 300, and began counting backwards down to 0 in my head.  Usually, before I even hit 150, not only was she asleep, but so was I.  Something about focusing on the next number forces you to block everything else out.  Plus it's boring enough, it kinda just makes you pass out.

However, if other thoughts do come to mind, you'll lose your place.  My rule then is to go back to the last number you remember and continue on.  It seems easy enough, but it's not, especially when you have a ton of things going on.  But, if you're having trouble sleeping, what harm can it hurt to try it.  May not be as interesting as counting sheep, but isn't that kinda the point?  Just keep it simple.

And let me know below if it works for you.