The Miss Johnson County and Miss Johnson County Outstanding Teen Competition was held Saturday night at The Englert in Iowa City, making its return after a 5-year hiatus!

I know what you're thinking... "Courtlin? At a beauty pageant? How did THAT happen?!" Well, I initially wondered the same thing. I mean, I'm clearly not pageant material (shout out to Kacey Musgraves). My hobbies include watching Netflix and eating mac & cheese, and sometimes I'm so lazy that I won't wear pants for a whole day. But none of that really mattered, because I wasn't actually IN the pageant, I just got to host.

This being my first ever real-life pageant experience, I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, I was bracing myself for some crazy "Miss Congeniality" kind of experience, minus Sandra Bullock. I'm happy to report that it wasn't anything like that. The girls competing for both titles were all friendly and fun, and things seemed to run very smoothly. I will say that it's very intimidating to be on stage next to a bunch of beautiful women in fancy gowns, when I couldn't even zip up any of the dresses that I tried on. Maybe I should lay off the nachos...

Hosting an event like this was a really cool experience. I got to work with Forrest Saunders from KCRG, who is just the coolest dang guy, and I also got to meet some other wonderful people, including our own Miss Iowa, Taylor Wiebers. That girl can SING, might I add!


There were definitely some awkward moments where I stumbled over my words and purposely made some really bad jokes, but overall, I think things went pretty well. I'm just glad I didn't pull a Steve Harvey.

If you're wondering what the worst part was, I will straight up tell you that it was WEARING HEELS. I honestly thought my feet were going to shrivel up and die. I felt like a baby giraffe learning to walk. That's a talent right there in itself! I really don't know how women do it. I might need some lessons in being a girl.

Here's our cool on-stage selfie with Miss Iowa:

Forrest Saunders

Here's a picture of me with the winners - Miss Johnson County Christy Scimeca and Miss Johnson County's Outstanding Teen Halie Strueker:


And HERE'S some pictures of my "date" and I in the photo booth, thanks to Hawkeye Photo Booth:

We are the classiest. Especially the rubber chicken. Thanks Hawkeye Photo Booths!

Posted by Courtlin Khak on Sunday, February 21, 2016